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In 2000, the Swatch Group purchased the brand and began to restore it to glory. As we have seen in the past few years, the historical importance of Jaquet-Droz has inspired today's artisans, who created a number spectacular timepieces that combined the brand's heritage in both timepieces as well as automata. These include the Charming Bird and theBird Repeater. Jaquet-Droz tells a story this year that is unusual in origin. It was the drawings made by an incredibly complex automaton which piqued interest. You may remember that one of the most impressive technical achievements, then and today, was the automata,Replica Watches which seemed to live on their own. They were able to draw intricate designs with a pen. One of them, created by Henri-Louis IWC Big Pilot Replica, isofarubdrawnonacart, pulled bya giant butterfly.

First instinct was to create a static work of art from the drawing, something that Jaquet-Droz's talented engravers or namelists could have easily done. The desire was to use its mechanical expertise to go further and create an automaton that would be based on the drawing. The result was the Loving Butterfly Automaton.

The dial of the Loving Butterfly Automaton is a work of sculptural art. Its offset time display, which is a trademark of the brand, is present subtly, but the intricate details of the unique scene will draw you in. In relief, you can see the cherub, with a smile on its face and a cart on two wheels, being pulled forward by a giant, three-dimensional butterfly. The cherub is smiling, and the tiny hands, feet, and even the shimmering patterns of the butterfly's wings are all present.

When you press the button on the crown, the scene is brought to life.U-Boat replica watches The butterfly's wings are flapping quickly, while the wheels of the cart turn, creating the illusion that it is moving. The animation is as beautiful as it is unusual.

Two barrels are used to power the Loving Butterfly's automatic winding movement, whereas the automaton uses three barrels which are manually wound. The scene will last approximately two minutes during which the butterfly will flap his wings over 300 times. Two patents are pending for the mechanism, which took three years to develop. The chariot theme can be seen on the back of the watch, where the pattern of chariot wheels is repeated over the background of the impeccably finished mechanism.

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